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Hello sweeties. Thanks for visit my blog. My name is Tasha, I'm 16 years old



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Am I look weird?

Firstly, I just wanna share about myself which is many people really curious about me recently. I dont know why hahahaha

Since I was kid memang aku ni ade rupa yang lain sikit dari adik beradik aku and many people can remember my face but not my name as I am the first daughter to my parents. When I walk with my dad, they will asked "Anak kau ke ni nal?" "Lain no rupa. Ikut siapa ni?"

Of course I am his daughter but I look more like my mom which is really photostat my mom face. But maybe as now I grow up and even I am taller then my parents ( I dont know where I get all the nutrition since I really hate vegetables) I am a bit pale with mata sepet and a bit skinny. Some of my friend even adore with my body shape but please I am not that healthy hahahaha

They even asked about my face when they look me. Even since I am kid they will asked

"Ada mix ke?"
" Mak Ayah cina ke?"

I really need a voice recorder then I can just push a button in front of them and they will listen to that. Honestly from my family history, I have Chinese blood from both side of my parents . My dad is not Jawa okey! even he grow up with many Jawa people around him and my late grandma even can talk fluently in Jawa. But we are not Jawa. My late grandma from my dad is mix chinese and arabian then my late grandpa from my dad is from Bugis family. Meanwhile my mom have the Adat Pepatih background which is truly from Minangkabau and mix with Baba Nyonya Melaka. Maka, terhasil lah cucu cicit yang bermata sepet hahahahaha

I know it a bit complicated to understand my family background even its hard to me too. (Tapi I tak ada kaitan dengan Mix Coco tu k)

People also asked me

"Wahh boleh cakap cina lah ni"
"Abistu kalau makan bila balik kampung?"

Haiyoooo I really want to feel like being a hulk change into all green. People really curious about my life style. Tak semestinya ada keturunan cina, pandai cakap cina. Dah tu tak makan makanan melayu bila balik kampung. My mom already grow up with a lot of Malay food even she never try any chinese food but we really good on eating spicy food. Tak sah kalau balik kampung, tak kena cili dengan nenek aku tau hahahahaha

Memang lah kami ni banyak berdarah kacukan cina tapi kami dibesarkan dengan surrounding orang melayu dan jawa. thats why la we left our culture and stay with malay culture sebab nanti akan awkward to our family next generation. Tentang kenapa tak ikut culture cina and so on to, I tak boleh jawab sebab tu kena tanya my grandma but she already left us.

So, to those yang curious about my life. I already explain it here hahahaha nanti kalau ada orang tanya lagi, aku suruh dia buka blog aku je. baca lah kau kat sini k .

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