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Hello sweeties. Thanks for visit my blog. My name is Tasha, I'm 16 years old



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first entry in 2017

My last update was on 5th November 2015 (almost one year and a half) I left my blog without any news. sorry because make the readers disappointed (If ada lah)  Many things that I need to go through in 2016 and now we already in 2017! This year , my age is almost 20 years old!. I am feeling old already hahahaha πŸ˜‚

Last week when I was in my campus lab doing my task given by the lecturer , suddenly I remembered that I have a blog then, I stalked my own blog. I feel ashamed to myself  πŸ™ˆ, how noob I am when I was in school, I  already have a blog then I bebling to myself without thinking. I have updated everything for my own sake like I am a celebrity! Arghhhh I feel like want to hide myself. 

So, I think I want to make a new blog and share the positive vibe to others and I want to share any experienced that I have been go through the year. Even I am not a famous blogger like others but sometimes, why not we share some experience and give some positive advice to others and also to ourselves. 

This time around, I would like to share about my university life. ya, I am already in university after I stopped my study in form 6. I am accepted to study in one of Malaysia University. Now, I am in my third semester. My major course is public admin. Quite though . I need to learn about government politics, law, economic and others hahaha. 

To be a university's student, is a bit busy.Many things happen too. I dont have much time for myself even almost all the time when I am not have classes , I spent for my sleep hahahaha. But seriously, you will know when you are being a student of a university. For me, I spent a lot of time for my sleep then when I am going back home, I will sleep again n again n again. then, my mom will start the siren to wake me up hahahaha. I dont know what happen to me, because I am not a person who really like to sleep a lot when I was kid. But now yaaa as I explain it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

Another things that change is friends. ya, when you are in university you will find new friends with the new surrounding. Many students always have a problem with their own friends. (Yela mula mula semuanya manis, sekali dah naik sem 2 3 haaa masing masing tunjuk perangai). for me, its normal. Manusia ni banyak ragamnya. Tak semua boleh terima apa yang kita ada. And it always be an issue to a student (Lagi lagi perempuan) 

So, to make it simple. Be yourself. As long as you tak lupa siapa diri you. You still ingat asal usul, parents, agama and boleh fokus to your study. Ignore la apa orang nak pandang or cerita pasal you. but at the same time, jaga hubungan dengan orang sekeliling. mesti pening kan? hahahah What I mean is, Jaga hubungan baik dengan semua orang then, orang tak ada lah dok bercerita pasal kita kat orang lain. As long as tahu setiap batas pergaulan , ok lah tu. 

the new version of Natasha in 2017 hahahaha πŸ˜‚
me with feza, one of my friend since my first semester

Bye. Ma'assalammah